White Oak Lumber | Types | Pricing Guide

White oak lumber has to be considered the very best to produce elegance in any room. This lumber is used to make furniture, flooring and lots of other stuff. It is also used for wall sculptures as well as for the stand alone sculptures. This lumber is very cost effective durable and remarkably stunning to look. American white oak lumber has been termed as the best one for the furniture manufacturers.

Oak wood lumber has been used by Americans in manufacturing the cabinets, doors, paneling kitchen and a lot of other furniture. Oak lumber is of various uses and is famous for its durability. It can easily be molded into different shapes and contains a straight grained hardwood which makes the wood and the oak wood lumber furniture to last long. Similarly floors made of oak can hold off heavy traffic. Oak wood lumber has its own beauty and can also be used to make luxurious staircases.

White oak lumber though is hard and is very good to make floors but it is low in stiffness as well, making it ideal to be used in furniture. Due to this quality, white oak lumber has been used a lot in the past in building heavy and light ships. American white oak lumber used to grow mostly in the eastern parts of the United States of America and Canada. Some parts of the west like Texas also used to grow this lumber commercially.

The white oak tree is almost about 50 to 80 feet in height. The main aspect of the white oak lumber is that it spreads in a huge area; the branches of the white oak tree are almost as wide as its height.  The white oak lumber is named because of the light grey bark which gives it its name. It has a light brown timber in color.

The ideal furniture is made of white oak lumber due to the fact that this timber is resistant a lot to the moisture, unlike it red cousin. That is why it is used for making ships and wine barrels too. It is also used for outdoor furniture’s as it can with stand the weather conditions. This is due to the presence of the cellular stricter called as styluses which makes the water hard to pass through the lumber.

Most of the furniture manufacturers purchase the rough swab board of the white oak lumber as it has been kiln drilled before exporting. It is sold usually with the thickness of 3 to 6 inches. It is available in a wide variety and lengths. Usually they are 4 to 9 inches in width and the lengths are common as in 8=14 inches.

There is furniture that can easily be found, made up of white oak, mahogany and redwood lumber. All of them have their unique beauty and eye catching finishes. The only negative aspect of the white oak lumber is that it reacts to the non galvanized ferrous metals. They can stain the timber. So try using the stainless steel or brass as if to be used.

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